Supporting Bexleyheath Foodbanks

Supporting Bexleyheath Foodbanks

During the festive season, I was very pleased to deliver crates full of cereal boxes to the Albion Road Food Bank. Sadly, some members of the community depend upon foodbanks to put food on the table for their families. In Bexleyheath we are pleased to have organisations such as the Baptist Church on Albion Road providing such a facility. Using a foodbank is not always something of choice. People use it as they may have come across some difficult times financially. Often it is a service run by church groups. Through the generosity of the public and businesses, it allows the service to operate efficiently all year round.

In my case, the food was provided to me through my Crayford business network who were more than pleased to support the facility. Earlier in the year, I delivered many, many crates of cereal to the MIND foodbank (Bexley Community Pantry) based on Devonshire Road, just off the Broadway. The team at the Pantry were extremely pleased with the amount of food as through their network they will be able to support other local foodbanks.

If you would like to contact me about information to either support the Bexleyheath foodbanks or to use a foodbank, please feel free to contact me.

The amazing team at MIND Bexley Community Pantry – Devonshire Road

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