District 105SE Convention

District 105SE Convention

Early this month, as president of Dartford Lions Club, I was pleased to attend our 50th convention which for the first time was held via zoom. 

The convention, is an opportunity for all clubs within Lions District 105SE to meet other clubs and members. In addition to the district senior management team, our convention also welcomed members and clubs from Canada, Germany and other parts of the world.

During the convention, new members were elected for the next year and also the previous year was talked about in detail. Matters which have a direct impact on clubs such as membership and fees etc were also voted on and discussed. The common theme for all speakers who addressed the convention, was the impact Covid19 has had and is having on our Lions Clubs. In particular Lion Patti Hill, Vice President Lions Clubs International from Canada. Lion Patti Hill praised our district on the continued work we are doing online to raise funds and also increase membership.  Outgoing District Governor Lion Ian Forbes, thanked all Lions for their ongoing support to the charity, he expressed how touched he has been by the continued hard work during his year in office.  

The incoming District Governor Lion Stephen Coe will take office in the summer of this year, he has committed to increasing membership of women and also the youth at all clubs within the district. 

Although this was the first ever Lions Convention I have ever attended, I found it to be a great experience and I can honestly say that I look forward to a face to face convention in 2022.

If you would like to learn more about Dartford Lions Club, please feel free to contact them directly.


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